iOS Phonegap app share extension (images) with ionic

iOS Phonegap app share extension (images) with ionic

Share extensions give users a convenient way to share content with other entities, such as social sharing websites or upload services. For example, in an app that includes a Share button, users can choose a Share extension that represents a social sharing website and then use it to post a comment or other content.  Link

           In iOS Share extension create new share project in existing project.

            1) Create and add share extension project on your app.
File >>New >>Target ...>>Application Extension >>Share Extension >>Next (Click on).

        2) Add share Project Details : product name ,Organization identifier ...etc .. >> finish.

        3) Replace : ShareViewController.h and ShareViewController.m file.
       4) Add Content Handle Plugin files on share project 
           ContentHandlePlugin.h and ContentHandlePlugin.m
           GetFile : Github .


      5) Add contenthandleplugin.js file on ionic www js file . 
          Add indexshareimage.html on your ionic www directory.
      6) Add www ionic directory on share project (add directory with reference ).
        7)Main project confix.xml file add on share project .

         8) Add on confix.xml file .
                   1) In <content src="index.html" /> (index.htm replace with indexshareimage.html)

                   2) <feature name="ContentHandlePlugin">
                            <param name="ios­package" onload="true" value="ContentHandlePlugin" /> 

         9) Add framework on share project 
                      1) MobileCoreServices.framework 
                      2) CoreGraphics.framework
                      3) AssetsLibrary.framework

                      4) libCordova.a 

          10) In contenthandleplugin.js file have function.

                1) showShareImages(images) // return image list
                2) closeView() call for Cancel button of share view close

                Cancel and Send button used like : (app.js ) 
app.controller('MainCtrl', function($scope) { $scope.cancelshareview = function() {
closeView();//Cancel button event };
$scope.sendshareview = function() { // send button event
//Apply your logic for image upload on server
}; }
            indexshareimage.html Page 

 Note : indexshareimage.html demo page of ionic framework.

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